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Working hard in the gym or braving the elements, we've got your back.  Make sore muscles and rough skin a thing of the past.

SStuff is all natural, preservatives and toxic chemicals free.

Our Australian Made products offers fast acting relief for sore muscles, calluses, rough and torn skin.

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how to treat hand rips in crossfit

1. FAST healing of ripped calluses

Fast hand repair for torn calluses is what we do best! We understand how important it is to get back into work/exercise and so we're all about assisting your skin to heal as fast as it can! Treat ripped hands without any delay!

2. RELIEVE sore muscles fast 

Extreme muscle soreness after workouts?
We're all about speeding up muscle recovery with natural ingredients like magnesium. 
Get rid of body aches and muscle pains with our Magnesium Muscle Recovery products.

3. PREVENT painful calluses & dry skin

Get rid of your calluses today! Protect & care for your hands instead of suffering with painful calluses. Our best -selling hand repair cream is designed specially for CrossFit athletes, Gymnasts and tough hands.




australian natural skin care, 5 star review

"I've been doing CrossFit for a few years now and the only thing I dislike about it is how gross your hands get. Now that I'm using Steph's Stuff after a friend recommended it, I no longer have man hands!! My hands are callous free and soft, all thanks to Steph's Stuff. I have and will continue to recommend it."

personal trainer & professional climber

best skin repair for climbers calluses, 5 star review

"Part of climbing means losing lots of skin off your fingers!! I climb 6 days a week which leaves my skin fairly thin. I use SStuff everyday post session to regrow my finger tip skin as fast as possible, which means I'm not limited by my bare skin. Ocassionally I'll rip a large callus off which generally means a few days off for most people. With frequent applications, the healing process is much faster and I'm not kept down for long!"

massage therapist & olympic lifting

best hand repair balm for calluses hand for weightlifting_5 star review, magensium muscle rub

"Steph’s stuff is amazing. I have the muscle rub and the hand repair balm. As a Remedial Massage Therapist I need to keep my hands soft and smooth and this stuff really works. My wrists can ache after a long day at work and the muscle rub works wonders on them. My clients love it too."⁠

personal trainer & powerlifter

best muscle magnesium recovery rub for powerlifting_gym fitness personal trainers, 5 star reviews

"While in training, I used SStuff to help soften my hands from calluses and reduce the dryness. I will and have recommended Steph's Stuff to friends, clients and family that will be of benefit from it. I gifted a work colleague and got her to use it as she suffers badly with dry skin on her hands which cause her skin to crack and bleed. Within a week I noticed less bandaids on her fingers which is a massive win!"

australia made natural skincare for crossfit, gymnastics hand care

Our goal is to provide a range of affordable natural skincare products that helps troubled skin and body aches, which then lead to improve their quality and efficiency of life.





Shea butter's high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids helps to restore lipids and rapidly creates moisture in the skin. 


Cocoa butter's high amount of fatty acids help to hydrate the skin. The fat in cocoa butter creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying.


Sandalwood oil helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells and even out skin tone. Because of these qualities, it can be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars.

magnesium muscle recovery for crossfit fitness gyms, best callus repair


Jojoba oil is known for it's long shelf life stability and the ability to moisturise dry skin. It has anti-bacterial properties that helps with skin repair.


Coconut oil helps improve skin barrier function and repair. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Tea tree oil can help to soothe dry skin by reducing the itching and irritation. The anti-inflammatory properties helps to reduce swelling and redness.

founder, steph, crossfit, dancer, athlete


Hi, I'm Steph, founder of SStuff.

As a CrossFit enthusiast, I understand the pain and frustration you feel when your body aches from being overworked and how painful torn, callused hands can be!

What I put on my body to treat these symptoms is equally as important to me as what I fuel my body with. Back in 2017, I was struggling to find natural chemical free products to support my body which led me to research and start creating my own.

Fast forward to now! I have a range of 100% natural skincare products which support fast healing and aid prevention for the roughest skin and aching bodies,

all made in Western Australia.