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Live Well Gift Box

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Life brings about fun times but can also bring about muscle pain when we push our body to its limits. You could be pushing sleds with weights on it, a wheelbarrow with bricks in it or a trolley with groceries and a child in it. All these daily activities might cause you to start experiencing a weary body and battled hands. 

We only have one body and it’s our duty to take good care of it.

This gift box contains all 3 of our signature products - the magnesium rub, the skin repair balm, tube and tin. It's the ideal gift box for yourself or a friend wanting to try our products. 

SSTUFF Skin Repair Balm is formulated using natural organic ingredients and designed to moisturise even the roughest and driest of skin. Helps to reduce inflammation and provide a protective layer over blisters and tears to aid the healing process.

Magnesium Muscle Rub contains magnesium (50mg per 1g), arnica oil and evening primose oil and many other natural ingredients to soothe those tired muscles. Not only does it promote recovery, it also moisturises the skin with certified organic cocoa butter and almond oil. The muscle rub is easy to massage on and easily absorbs through the skin to invigorate your skin and relax muscle tension.

Live your life well with this gift box. 

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Live Well Gift Box
Live Well Gift Box
Live Well Gift Box
Skin Repair Balm

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sarah Hill
Not bad not bad!

The callus balm is a little oily unfortunately which means you can’t really use it if you want to do something. I find it doesn’t soak in too well. The magnesium rub is a great texture however a bit pricey.

"This balm fast tracks tears or rips on hands! I grazed off half of the skin on my palm skateboarding and this balm soothed it and fast tracked the healing process at an incredible rate! Would 100% recommend"


Magical rub! Bought it as a gift for my father in law and he loves it! Uses it 3-4 times week. Great gift!!






More Infomation

Features and Benefits

Our Skin Repair Balm combines all natural ingredients that helps reduce inflammation and provides a protective layer over blisters and tears to aid the healing process. It is designed to moisturise even the roughest and driest of skin. We provide you with #onlythegoodsstuff to increase skin hydration, repair and prevent those sore rough hands and avoid flaky skin so you can get back to doing what you love. 

We are serious about this balm; there’s no fluff or fillers. It’s packed and dense (like your muscles).

SStuff Magnesium Muscle Rub  is a great way of getting magnesium absorbed through your skin and massaging directly onto the area of soreness and stiffness. SStuff's Magnesium Rub targets joints and muscles to soothe pain and swelling. Whether you are recovering from an intense session at the gym or just feeling stiff and tight from your daily aches, your body deserves some TLC (tender, loving, care). Read more on our Magnesium Muscle Rub.


All ingredients are sourced from Australia.

Skin Repair Balm - Shea butter, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil, Camphor, Sandalwood Oil.

Magnesium Muscle Rub - Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Magnesium Chloride (50mg per 1g), Grapeseed Oil, Evening Primose Oil, Arnica Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Ginger Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Rosemary Oil, Frankincense Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Beeswax


Skin Repair Balm

  • Clean and wash affected areas
  • Apply a generous amount of balm and allow to soak in
  • Can be applied throughout the day as needed
  • We recommend for best results apply before bed to help your skin repair overnight

Magnesium Muscle Rub

  • Use approximately 8g daily
  • Massage directly onto sore muscles


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  • How to Store

    Store away from direct sunlight.

    If product starts to melt, simply place it in the fridge to reharden. 

  • Uses

    Skin Repair Balm can be used for the following: dry calluses, torn hands, dry skin, blisters, cuts / wounds, insect bites, cracked heels and tattoo aftercare.


sstuff natural fast healing ripped hands from crossfit


sstuff natural fast healing ripped hands from crossfit

  • Having quality skin care can be the difference between bouncing back the following day or nursing a constantly torn hand for weeks. No one has got the time to sit around and moan about that skin rip or torn blister. We’ve all got squats to do, barbells to lift and most importantly, dishes to be washed (and we all know how painful it is to do that with torn hands).

    What really is in this magical tin of goodness is TIME. It's time YOU get to save with our rapid healing balm. We provide you with #onlythegoodsstuff so that you can improve your quality and efficiency of life.

    Steph, founder of SStuff